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The Name

Did you know…..

Butterflies are attracted to wonderful scents and vibrant colors. Without color & scent, what will their dreams consist of?

………. Hence the creation of Butterfly Dream Co.

Who we are

As the owner of Butterfly Dreams Co.  I have an entrepreneurial spirit and have owned two women shoe stores/boutiques in the Atlanta area.  Because the the change in the economy I was forced to close and go back to my degreed skill which was Computer Science.  However this doesn’t allow me to do what I love.  Which is running my own successful business.  Although there have been obstacles that I have run into I will not give up.

I enjoy making candle, soap & bath/body products.  It so relaxing and being a lover of wonderful candles, perfumes, bath & body products I thought that great smelling, all natural products would be wonderful.

So I wanted to start a blog to talk with others that enjoy the same things.